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Learn how to advertise on UploadBank

All our ads at UploadBank are handled by ExoClick.
You will need to have an account at ExoClick before you can advertise on our website.
If you do not have an account, click here to sign up.

Our Ads Format

First download page (Example)
- 2 popunders/popups every minute
Only popunders/popups on the first page, no banners or other ads.

Second download page (Example)
- Top Banner - 970x250 size
- Bottom Banner - 900x250 size
- Pre-roll Video Ads - On Video Player (Only if uploaded file is .mp4)
No popunders/popups on the 2nd page.

Page not found (Example)
- Top Banner - 970x250 size
- Bottom Banner - 900x250 size
No popunders/popups on page not found.

Target UploadBank at ExoClick

In order to advertise on UploadBank via ExoClick.
You will need to target our website on their advertiser panel.
Under Advertisers tab, click on "Marketplace"
Search for the following as displayed below in the screenshot.

After you click search, click on "BUY" on the ad format that you want.

The higher cpm price you bid on the ad format, the higher your position will be on UploadBank. Make sure to set a competitive cpm on the ad format you are bidding as shown below:

You will be able to see your position under "View of Top CPM".
You can also refer to ExoClick guide on how to target sites.