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File: http://www.uploadbank.com/tth435t70y6m
Video: http://www.uploadbank.com/6ciuc9akm879
MP3: http://www.uploadbank.com/03vtr94wk6hd

1. We are completely free

UploadBank is completely free. There is no premium account.
In addition, there is no need to register for an account to upload files.

2. There is no limits

When you are downloading a file or watching a video at UploadBank.
There is no timer, no queues and no download limits.
Everything feels like it is a premium account except it is FREE.

3. Extremely fast speed

Our main website server is using SSD.
SSD is way faster than normal HDD.
When UploadBank experience heavy traffic, you won't notice any slowdown on the website.

Our file server uses the latest hardware and software.
If you are on fibre broadband and using wired connection,
Download speed can range from 1-6 MB/sec!

4. Longer file retention time

Most free file sharing provider provide up to 30 days of file retention after no download activity.
At UploadBank, we doubled the time to 60 days if you sign up for an account!
Now you don't have to worry that your file will be deleted so soon.

Account: 60 Days after no activity
Without Account: 30 Days after no activity

5. Upload huge files

You can upload up to 2GB for your files.
Some file hosting provider only allow you to upload up to 200MB per file.
There is no need to split up your files. =)

6. Unlimited storage space

Upload all you want with unlimited storage space!
You don't have to worry when you will run out of space again.

7. Simple rewards system

Get paid for sharing your files!
We kept the rewards system as simple as possible while offering
great rates! Start earning today.