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Take a look how it look like below.

File (.zip) : http://www.uploadbank.com/cerikyevqb4p

Video (.mp4) : http://www.uploadbank.com/i4kw6z77o0cl

1. We are completely free

UploadBank is completely free. There is no premium account.
Furthermore, there is no need to register for an account to upload files.

2. There is no limits

We offer super fast download speed with no download delays or limits.

3. Straightforward and simple design

Our user interface is simple, straightforward and clean.
We try to balance with the right amount of ads while still able to pay our uploaders.

4. Adult content allowed!

We allow adult videos and content on our file sharing.
There is absolutely no limitation. Files are never removed unless
we receive DMCA notice or user report child porn.

5. Video Streaming

If you upload .mp4 files to UploadBank, your users will be able to stream videos
via our new and updated video player. See example here.

6. Upload huge files

You can upload up to 2GB for your files.
There is no need to split up your files.

7. Unlimited storage space

Upload all you want with unlimited storage space!
You don't have to worry when you will run out of space again.

8. File retention

30 days after no downloads for registered users
15 days after no downloads for anonymous users

9. Make Money

Get paid for sharing your files!
- Up to US$4/1000 downloads (More details here)
- Lowest tier rate is US$0.70/1000 downloads
- Incomplete downloads are counted
- Max 3 counts for same IP every 24 hours (Every tier)
- Bitcoin and Webmoney payout
- Minimum payout only $10