Try Our New Video Player
August 03th, 2018

Hi Uploaders,

It's been a few weeks since we release our new video player which has a cleaner and easier to use interface.

If you have .mp4 files, upload them today and try it out!

Here is an example video file:

Currently it only support .mp4, I will try to integrate support for .mkv file format as I do understand it has better picture quality compared to .mp4

We are always improving UploadBank and hope to be one of the better file host around.

Thank you for your support.

Regards, Team

Recent Downtime
January 30th, 2018

Hi Everyone,

UploadBank was down for 3.5 days recently.
We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused and explain what happened.

Last Thursday, we received an abuse complain from our server provider that illegal content has been uploaded to our server.
Most of the time the server provider will give us 24 hours to response.
However this time, just 12 hours after they sent us the email, they have decided to block the server and take the server offline.

2 hours later after the server is down. I have removed the reported illegal file and informed the abuse team.
On Friday, they did not respond to us. We called up the technical team and were told that the abuse team do not work on weekends, only weekdays.

There was nothing I could do but wait. Please understand that I have emailed and called them up every 8 hours trying to get an update but did not get any reply from abuse team. However the technical department has been replying me, but then there was nothing they can do from their end as unblocking of server can only be done by the abuse team.
On Monday, they unblock our server.

In previous times, the abuse team have never block our server, they would bring the server offline but we could reboot to bring it back online shortly to resolve the issue.
We were disappointed with the abuse team for the following reason:
1. Why block our server just 12 hours after abuse complain was sent?
It should be 24 hours.
2. They were slow to respond to our reply. (They could have resolve it on Friday)
3. Why the abuse team is not a 24/7 team, as having a website down is a serious issue. They should be working on the weekends.

I have provided my feedback to the server provider.
We hope this will not happen again, UploadBank has never been down for more than 24 hours. It has always been kept for a couple of hours at most.

Thank you for your understanding and we will make UploadBank better in the coming months.


Rewards System is here!
November 07th, 2016

Hello again,

UploadBank have been launched for 1 week.
Now we introduce to you our rewards system!
Get paid up to US$4 / 1000 downloads.
I have kept the rewards system as simple as possible.

Incomplete downloads are counted.
File size must be at least 1MB.
We are paying via Payoneer, Bitcoin, Webmoney.
Minimum payout is $10 for Bitcoin and Webmoney. $50 for Payoneer.

More details here:

Have a great day ahead. Launched!
October 31th, 2016

Hi Everyone, has been launched today - 31 October 2016.
You are now allowed to register for an account!
Uploading files doesn't require you to have an account.
Upload with account -> Files deleted after 60 days inactivity (Doubled file retention time!)
Upload without account -> Files deleted after 30 days inactivity

We are completely free and does not have any premium account, speed limits, annoying timer or queues.
How are we better than other free file sharing provider?
1. Able to upload up to 2GB per file
2. Unlimited Storage
3. Longer file retention time with account (60 Days!)
4. Extremely fast upload and download speed. (I have tested it and your speed should range 1-6 MB/sec)

Our goal is to be simple, super fast and does not annoy you with tons of pop up ads.
Yes we will have ads but it will be limited.
I hope you enjoy our service and start uploading today to see it for yourself!